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Terms of reference

In pursuit of Government's objective to make Hong Kong a leader in the information world of tomorrow, the Committee will advise Government on the steps to take to facilitate the development of the information infrastructure in Hong Kong. In particular, the Committee will advise on the policy, regulatory, technical and other related issues in the following areas -

  1. the further development and enhancement of the physical communications infrastructure in Hong Kong, including physical connections, infrastructure and manpower supply;
  2. the development of an open, common interface mounted on established communications network through which individuals, business and government can interact easily and securely using their own systems;
  3. the development of applications which make effective use of the common interface;
  4. the formulation of Hong Kong's position at, and contribution to, international and regional fora on issues relating to the global and regional information infrastructure and electronic commerce; and
  5. the promotion of community awareness and creative use of information technology.

Membership List


  • Mr. John C Tsang
    Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology


  • Mr. Anthony AU
    Managing Director, ABC Software Limited
  • Mr. Paul CHOW
    Chief Executive, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
  • Ms. Cordelia CHUNG
    Vice President, Business Partners, IBM Asia Pacific
  • Prof KAN Wing-kay
    Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. Daniel LAI
    President, Hong Kong Computer Society
  • Professor Victor LI
    Chair Professor of Information Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Hong Kong
  • Ms. Mary MA
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Legend Group Limited
  • Mr. Charles MOK
    President, Hong Kong Information Technology Federation
  • Mr. NG Cheung-sing
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Computer and Technologies Holdings Limited
  • The Hon. SIN Chung-kai
    Member of the Legislative Council
  • The Hon. Kenneth TING
    Member of the Legislative Council
  • Dr. John URE
    Director, Telecoms Research Project, University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. Gabriel YU
    Chairman, iTVentures Limited
  • Mrs. Drina Wan YUE
    V-P and Managing Director, Motorola Broadband Communications System, Asia Pacific
  • Mr. Justine YUE
    Chief Executive Officer, Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited
  • Secretary for Education and Manpower or his representative
  • Director-General of Telecommunications or his representative
  • Government Chief Information Officer or his representative